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PharmaLex Group and the Degge Group Merger


PharmaLex Group and the Degge Group Merger

PV Chronicle shares one more Pharmacovigilance services acquisition information, PharmaLex Group and the Degge Group Merger.

The merger reinforces PharmaLex’s intentions to build its US business following its recent acquisition of Safis Solutions,  As of 24th April, 2017, the PharmaLex Group, a leading specialist provider of development consulting and scientific affairs, regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance, has completed the formal merger with The Degge Group, Ltd.  The company is based just outside Washington, DC, in Fairfax, Virginia, USA.


The Degge Group’s focus on pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance services as well as regulatory consulting, including Rx/OTC switches, both within the US and worldwide further strengthens the PharmaLex portfolio of services.

The Degge Group was founded in 1988 by Judith K. Jones, MD, PhD, FISPE.  Judith was a member of an FDA OTC Advisory Panel and went on to serve as FDA’s Director of the Office of Safety and Epidemiology.

“The addition of The Degge Group further establishes our intentions to build our US presence following our recent acquisition of Safis Solutions,” explained Dr. Tilo Netzer, CEO PharmaLex. Dr. Thomas Dobmeyer, CEO PharmaLex, added, “In the present era of large-scale global investigations and safety issues, The Degge Group enhances the PharmaLex Group’s offerings with its pharmacoepidemiology expertise and its specialized staff.” “We are delighted to be joining the PharmaLex Group” said Dr. Judith Jones, President and CEO, The Degge Group.

“Drawing upon three decades of experience in scientific and regulatory aspects of medical product epidemiology, regulatory expertise, and safety studies, our strategic services build up PharmaLex’s ability to address the needs of today’s biopharma and medical product industry,” she added.

The PharmaLex Group now has over 570 employees, with 24 offices in 12 countries and more than 600 satisfied clients worldwide.

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This mergers supports the Pharmalex future vision of expansion of business in US operations.

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